About Me

I’m Jeff Baer, the founder of DFY Digital, a “Done For You” digital marketing agency. I’m a husband, father and full time internet “Geek”, who has self-taught myself how to be a digital marketer. Any practice, method or service which I may recommend on this website, have been personally vetted by myself. In most cases, I use these tools in my own business, but at a minimum they are used by my clients who trust what I say.

Trust is not something that I take lightly.  It is the foundation of who I am as a person.  I don’t claim to be an expert in every facet of digital marketing, nor do I want to be.  As they say….”A jack of all trades, is a master of none”.  Although it is convenient to want just one person to handle all of your digital marketing needs, it is not realistic in my opinion.

Everybody wants to be on Page One of Google with good reason, that’s where your next customer can be found.  In my professional experience, most business waste an incredible amount of resources on traffic and visibility but don’t have the reputation to justify being there.

First and foremost you should be thinking about your customers, their experience and the value your provide them from the first time you encounter each new customer.