I’ve Heard Folks Flapping Their Gums, Saying Your Brand and Branding Doesn’t Matter…

What If Your Brand Added Just 5% To Your Sales?

Investing In Your Brand Can Blow Up In Your Face.

Think about it this way…

With your brand set up right, bold and proud – you don’t have to do as much selling.

See, your brand and branding is a 24/7 ambassador for you.

It’s a conversation you don’t have to have. It pre-qualifies and pre-filters.

The people who reach you through your kick-ass brand?

Let’s say you can add JUST 5% to sales because your brand has done it’s job and educated the folks before you have the money conversation…

Let’s say you have 100 people interested in some offer you have.

You’re good, and you convert 30% of those people.

Let’s say you’re selling a course or service or widget for $500.

If your brand makes it 5% easier to convert these 100 people,
you’re talking about 5 extra sales. $2500.

What If Your Brand Was 10% Better? 30% Better?

You Get the Idea…

Your Brand Works Hard for You.
Isn’t It Time to Blow It Sky High?

When you stop listening to the jaw-jackers, it’s actually simple to…

Blow Up Your Brand

We’ve heard it all before…

There is so much information out there on brand and branding.

Everyone’s a badass or boss or babe or bitch or hacker or whatever-the-buzzword-of-the-day is.

You search for information on building your brand, but all you find are people who are really good at SEO and selling you a bunch of fluff to get you to buy more fluff to get you to buy into their inner circle of fluff.

They all talk branding, but they don’t get down to the real nitty-gritty of defining, solidifying and expanding your brand.

A whole lot of talk. Not a lot of bang.

And, you know – it’s time to stop.

Stop talking about your brand, and do something about it.

Get real, get honest and get explosive.

That’s what I’m here to do.

I hope that’s what you’re here to do, too.

If you’re just here for the free stickers, I get it. No hard feelings.

Ready to stop talking & start blowing your shit up?

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Dropping bombs of brand below.

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The God of Branding

~ Landon Porter

If you’re looking for the typical branding guy, you’re in the wrong place.

Looking for someone to tell you it looks nice and that you just need to (insert boring, lame, unhelpful method here?)

Might wanna to look somewhere else. There are plenty of lame, predictable brand peddlers out there.

That ain’t me.

I’ve been doing this stuff for 30 years. I bleed branding.

I’m dead serious about it. But I also have a lot of fun.

The fun is what makes the serious stuff effective and effortless.

I work with people who are serious about their brand – and ready to have a blast.

Is that you? Let’s go.

I’m actually a nice guy, for a god.

My name is James PM Gaffney.

I’m the husband of an amazing artist, and together we have 5 children.

Let’s do some cool shit together. Learn more about me here.

One love,

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