He makes my phone ring

~ Tom Decker, Chicago Green Insulation

If you’re looking for the typical digital services guy, you’re in the wrong place.

Looking for someone to tell (and sell) you the same rehashed sh*t that everybody else is doing?

Might wanna to look somewhere else. There are plenty of lame, predictable digital marketers out there.

That’s not me.

I’ve been doing this stuff for 15 years. I bleed my customer’s brands.

I’m dead serious about it. But I also have a lot of fun doing it.

The fun is what makes the serious stuff effective and effortless.

I only work with people who are dead serious about their companies and committed to providing stellar customer service.

Don’t try and be on page one unless you have the reputation that justifies being there!

Is that you? Let’s go.

I’m actually a nice guy, who takes your business seriously and likes to win!

My name is Jeff Baer.

I’m a husband, father and all-around honest guy who runs GET BAER, a global digital marketing services company dedicated to your success.

Let’s grow your business together, profitably.


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